SEO Tips for New Websites Every Business Owner MUST KNOW


Yes, that’s right, without SEO, you may as well not have a website built because it won’t get found by your customers.

Imagine you’re one of your clients. You are online and you want to search for a business who can provide a solution to your problems. You quickly hop on Google to search for the solution provider. Will you click the first couple of results that are displayed on Google search results page or will you click on the 100th result after scrolling past 10 other pages of results?

Most people would pick the top few results. If you value your time, you will too. Statistically, 75% of people do NOT go past page 1 of Google results to get their answer.

Everyone wants to rank high on top of Google search results. The problem is, there are thousands of websites like yours. How can you rank higher and stand out? With good SEO that’s what!

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is used to rank your website on top of Google search results for the keywords that your ideal clients are searching for that are related to your products and service.

SEO takes a lot of work but at its core it’s a rather simple concept. That is, be the best source of information to what your clients are searching for. 

How do you be the best source of information to your clients?

Without delving into the technical, the below SEO tips for new businesses will provide all the fundamentals you need to take your business from zero to hero on the Google search results page.

SEO tips for new websites


One way to signal to Google that you are the most trustworthy provider there is for your clients is to write about it. This means answering all questions that your clients may have.

Brainstorm your most important keywords for your business and start writing up in-depth questions and answers for them. Generally speaking, the more in-depth an article, the higher the chances of ranking so aim to write more than 1000 words. If the answer is short, it may be worthwhile to create an FAQ page centered around a particular topic.

A good way to get ideas is to start with a keyword that your client’s search for and put them in Answer The Public.

As you provide more and more answers to your clients’ questions, you will become the ‘go-to’ authority on the subject and being an expert on a subject is a ranking factor for Google.

Tip: For more in-depth questions, try browsing your industry forums for the most popular questions. Whirlpool and Reddit have some of the largest communitie you can get your material from.

Pro Tip: Do you want clients that are just about to purchase a product come to you? Provide more in-depth product reviews or comparison articles. A customer who’s ready to buy will generally search for more in-depth questions!

SEO optimisation for websites


If your website is not SEO optimised, it will be hard for your customers to find you no matter how beautiful and attractive the design is. 

In order to optimise your website with SEO, you need to understand the most important elements for SEO on a website. They are:

  • Overall website user experience
  • Website speed
  • Website security
  • Mobile responsiveness


By optimising your website’s overall user experience, you establish the fundamentals for your website to rank well.

If you have a unique product or service or operate in a niche with few competitors, optimising your website may be all that you need to rank on the top position!


No successful business has ever gotten to where they are without their customers and so it is with SEO. 

Being social in SEO is the same as being social in real life, you have to promote your website constantly but most of all, you have to give more than you take. 

Being social does not mean just setting up a social media account ( although that helps) but about sharing and collaborating with like minded businesses to provide value for your customers.

What does being social in SEO mean?

  • Sharing and collaborating on social media 
  • Establishing inbound and outbound links to relevant websites and directories


While social media only has a small effect on SEO directly, it’s main power lies in its indirect use. Specifically, social media has the power to reach new audiences and get them to notice your website and share your content. 

Being social also means reaching out to like minded people and businesses and gaining inbound links and handling out outbound links. Links are like real life recommendations and play a huge role in determining your rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

Tips for social media

Tip 1 : Listing your website on local business and industry directories will give you a boost to your Google ranking! It is the low hanging fruit and plays an important part in SEO and in particularly, local EO.


Tip 2: Pick your battles. It wouldn’t be wise to spread your efforts too thin so instead of spending time on all social media platforms, focus instead on a few where your customers are likely to hang out.


Tip 3: Being social is about what value you can bring to your potential customer and partners. It is about giving more than receiving. It is about creating more content than consuming them.



You don’t need to know the all the nitty-gritty details of technical SEO to start ranking your website on Google. 

By establishing your company as an authority, optimising your website and being social, you too can lay the groundwork for ranking your website on top of Google.

However, there’s only so much you can do alone without learning the technical ins and outs of SEO. That’s when an SEO consultant or agency comes in.

If you have a company email, you would have no doubt been inundated with offers of Search Engine Optimisation ‘experts’ promising too good to be true search results. Well they are just that. 

Some easy ways to tell if an SEO company is legit is:

  1. You found them yourself not the other way around
  2. They are ranking for ‘seo’ within their city of operation


Our article on How to find the best SEO Agency is a good starting guide. It’s a long read but if you are serious about getting your website ranked for SEO and want the best return for your investment then it’s an essential read.

If you still have questions or want a free consultation for SEO, do not hesitate to contact us. We love to see local businesses succeed!

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