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PPC such as Google Ads provides immediate results for your business

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PPC (Pay Per Click) and paid search in general are effective tools for immediate results by paying for customer search clicks. To ensure you get the best return from the paid searches, you must identify what your potential clients are actively searching for.

Contrary to what people believe, PPC is not only about having the highest bid or outbidding the competition. 

Ad rank is based on the bid amount multiplied by the quality score or relevance of the website and as a result websites that are not relevant to the keywords targeted pay substantially more to be in the same ad rank position as one that is relevant.

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how google ads advertising works

Google Ads essentially works by paying Google for your ad to be seen on the top of a search page when your clients search for your services.

You pay Google every time a client clicks on your ad. Cost per click is set by you and you can spend as little as you want. 


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Google Ads PPC and organic SEO don’t have to be independent. In fact, your business can benefit greatly by using both. PPC for starting a new business or campaign and organic SEO for long term traffic. By integrating best SEO practices, you will find your PPC campaign will cost less while attracting more quality clients.

Without a good understanding of PPC, an ad campaign will often quickly burn out of funds long before any results are materialised.


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By leveraging many years of experience in PPC and online marketing in general, our Google Ads specialists will work alongside you to help set up the most popular, relevant, and high conversion rate keywords for your ad campaign. 

We will use proven practices to extensively A/B test your ads and landing pages so that you pay as little per click as possible while increasing your ads exposure and sales.


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ShoutItOut is your #1 PPC and Google ads agency for business GROWTH

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ShoutItOut is a certified Google Ads agency in Parramatta, western Sydney.

We help businesses advertise on the first page of Google for their products and services
to generate leads and sales.

Our 10 years experience in the online marketing field has enabled us to use best practices for finding ways to get your ad on top of Google search with the least amount of cost per click, allowing you to get the most exposure and sales for your ad budget.