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ShoutItOut is the #1 SEO agency and Digital Marketing company in Parramatta that helps companies achieve visibility and growth by ranking them on the front page of search engines such as Google and Bing for their industry keywords.

What does this mean?

This means your ideal clients can find you easily when they search for your products and services online which leads to more subscribers, leads and sales for your business.


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SEO’s constantly changing algorithms and its effects makes it difficult for anyone to keep track. 

Google, for example, makes hundreds or even thousands of algorithms a year which can make things that’s worked in the past no longer valid with its latest update.

ShoutItOut provides SEO services Australia wide with the latest updates and strategies to cope with the latest chances. This means you will be the first to take advantage of the positive changes or avoid negative changes to get the edge over your competitors.

Stay on top of the curve with your #1 SEO agency, ShoutItOut.


local seo

If you serve local clients, local SEO is more important than ever before because people who search for local services are statistically more likely to act, whether that be calling you or physically visiting your business.

  • 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information.
  • 72% of people who does a local search visited the store within 5 miles within the next 72 hours. 
  • 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else
With these stats, how can you not get optimised for local SEO?
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our approach

Our carefully tailored SEO plan is based on best practises adhering to the Google Webmaster Guidelines and is 100% measurable. 

It will be aimed at promoting your business online to drive quality, relevant traffic honestly and organically to your website for long term growth. 

It is the very same strategy that we used to rank ourselves as the #1 digital marketing agency in Parramatta in a very competitive industry.

Our commitment to transparency, integrity and excellence has helped our clients exceed their business goals. We can do the same for you. 

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ShoutItOut is your #1 SEO agency for business GROWTH

technical optimisation

Technical optimisaion ensures your website meets all the requirements that makes great SEO.

content Marketing

Content marketing draws in your customers just when they are looking for your services.

social media

Leveraging social media to spread the word and raising brand awareness.

link building and outreach

Links are a major Google ranking factor. We have the right strategies and processes.


Paid search such as Google Ads PPC helps you to spread the word just when your client is searching for you.


SEO works best when in synergy with other digital marketing strategies.

Why choose us


10+ years helping businesses Australia wide gain online exposure and growth.


We hate contracts as much as you do. You'll want to work with us because of results not by contract obligations.


What you see is what you get. Detailed monthly reports on all areas of work and returns.


Talks is cheap. In the end, all you'll want are results and it's something we consistently deliver.


We are a full scale digital marketing agency.


We strive to be the best digital marketing agency, however, if there are any problems along the way, our friendly staff is only one call away.

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“... Hands down one of the best company's we've had the pleasure to work with. Customer service is top notch and they really know what they're talking about.
harry lindt
“... I feel a lot of tech companies could learn from ShoutItOut in that they understand the true fundamentals of doing business. No fancy, tech lingo BS and promising the moon, just straight up good old fashion excellent service backed up by results
samuel dye

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ShoutItOut is a leading digital marketing and SEO company based in Parramatta, western Sydney. We focus on using SEO or search engine optimisation to help companies build visibility, attract clients and generate leads and sales on major search engines like Google and Bing.

We have a decade’s experience in perfecting our SEO strategies with a multi-platform approach to help your business rank higher on Google and experience massive, unprecedented growth.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of getting your website ranked for your company’s important keywords on search engines as as Google and Bing. As a result, it drives quality and quantity organic traffic to your website and increases chances of making a sale or gaining a customer.

It is an inbound marketing principle where your clients come to you for the products and services they’re actively searching for.

No, we are an SEO agency based in Parramatta but we provide SEO services across all major cities including SEO in Sydney and Australia wide.

That will depend on a number of things such as the competitiveness of your keywords, your competitors and your audience market – if your audiences are local, national or international.

As a ballpark figure, for small, local businesses, our clients typically pay $1000/month for a SEO package.

* Please beware of companies that offer number 1 rankings within 30 days for $99 deals. They are scams out to rid you of your hard earned money.

Please refer to our guide on How to Choose the Best SEO Agency for some tips on how to spot scammers and choose the best SEO agency for your business.

We’re a marketing leader and the #1 digital marketing and SEO company in Parramatta, Sydney and surrounding areas. We have extensive experience in all areas of digital marketing and have achieved exceptional results for our clients.

That will depend on a number of things such as your existing SEO profile, keywords, your industry and the SEO strength of your closest competitors.

SEO typically takes 3-4 months to see results. However, we have had many instances where we saw a huge boost in rankings within the first few weeks. Local search optimisation is typically easier to rank for.

See our case study: How to help do SEO for company in competitive industry.

While we do not put a restriction on the number of keywords you can choose, we recommend that you start with a handful of strategically chosen keywords first that will get you the best results. The more keywords you try to rank for, the more effort it requires but the return will differ depending on what keywords you choose. It is almost always better to choose keywords that have high search volume but relatively low competition.

ShoutItOut will work with you and can recommend the best ones for your business based on historical data and future trends.

This will depend if you want short term or long term results.

SEO is considered a long term digital marketing strategy and drives organic or free traffic to your website.

With SEM or Search Engine Marketing you have to pay to be on top of search results and for people to click through to your site. As you can see, this will add up over time.

Statistically, SEO have a much higher chance of customers clicking through to your website vs paid ads (75% open rate for SEO vs 20% PPC Google Ads)

If you want to be at the top of search engines for the long term with free high quality traffic that comes to you then SEO is king.

We have comprehensive 6 step process to ensure your SEO success, they are:

1. Research and Discovery

2. Planning and Strategy

3. Implementation

4. Promotion and Link Building

5. Reporting and Goals measurement

6. Optimisation and Improvement

These steps ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business, it’s clients and your competitors so we can come up with a winning strategy that will maximise your return on investment.

No, all techniques that try to ‘game’ the system but provide little value to your clients will eventually be caught and penalised and we do not participate in any activities that will be detrimental to your SEO health.

Absolutely not. We use principles outlined in Google webmaster guidelines with creativity and best techniques we gained through years of extensive experimentation and experience to deliver maximum returns for your marketing budget.

No, we provide a complete digital marketing solution including: inbound marketing, web design, content marketing, email marketing, Google ads, and social media management and consulting.